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Techincal Support

Sunrise Machinery as an innovative company, we have the following advantages.
First-rate Service
We take automation as the foundation of our development, and it always runs through our design philosophy and corporate vision.
We take a customer-first as our service foundation, and we always run through our pre-sales, sales, and after-sales.
Rich Experience
Our sales team has 10 to 15 years of experience in machinery sales. Whether it is after-sales problems or machinery inquiries, we can respond and provide corresponding solutions the first time.
Our production team is composed of electrical engineers, senior designers, and masters with 5-10 years of assembly experience.The entire production process is smooth and orderly, ensuring the quality and delivery time of our machines.
Installation & Training
We have 2-3 training engineers throughout the year who can do installation and training for customers.
Our spare parts supply is sufficient, and the spare parts required by customers are always in stock. Our electrical and pneumatic components adopt world-renowned brands.
New Models
Starting from 2020, our new machine models LG-A11, LG-58S, LG-58YS have all been mechanically automated and can realize online guidance to set parameters. It saves costs for customers and solves a series of problems such as not being able to go abroad for after-sales due to COVID-19.
Choosing SUNRISE
Choosing SUNRISE is choosing simple.
Choosing SUNRISE is choosing high efficiency.
Choosing SUNRISE is choosing high quality.
Choosing SUNRISE is choosing peace of mind.


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Hangzhou Fuyang Sunrise Machinery Co.,Ltd. Is a rising star of industrial automation.

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