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Many brilliant achievements and dazzling innovations were made in 1888. For example, Nicholas Tesla designed the first practical power generation and transmission system, which was a milestone in physics. In addition, there is another invention for people to celebrate - the humble drinking straw mac



Precautions for straw packaging machine
If you are a manufacturer specializing in straws, would you choose to hire a large number of workers to help you pack the straws and then ship them? If that's the case, then your budget will be very high, and you'll need to spend more money on something that's easy to accomplish. If you have this pr



Have you heard of a straw packing machine?
A straw baler is an environmental protection device that uses hydraulic principles to compress straws and straws into blocks, which is useful for storing, transporting, and using straws. straw packing machines are now widely used in the agriculture and livestock industries and have played a major ro



How to choose the right straw equipment
In thermodynamics, it is called an isenthalpic process. The paper straw machine is a very widely used paper tube machinery and equipment. In the process of long-term use, there will inevitably be some wear and tear. So how can the equipment maintain a stable operation during the operation process, a



How does the straw machine make straws?
The straw uses the principle of atmospheric pressure. When in use, it sucks part of the air against the straw, which will cause the pressure in the tube to decrease. In order to balance the air pressure, the atmospheric pressure will force the liquid in the tube to rise. When you stop inhaling, the



How does the paper straw packing machine work?
The paper straw produced by the paper straw packing machine uses food-grade virgin wood pulp paper as the main raw material, and its production process is processed by three or four-layer food-grade raw paper with glue, tube winding, slitting, drying, and other steps. Here is the content list:1. Pr


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