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At present, the raw materials for the production of plastic straws are polymer materials. Traditional plastic straws are generally non-degradable. Because they are disposable and easily released into the environment, they can easily enter rivers, lakes, and oceans, causing "white pollution". It is for these reasons that most countries prohibit the use of non-degradable straws in the catering industry. PLA straw-making machines have gradually become a substitute for traditional plastic straws because of their renewable raw materials, fully degradable, and bio-safety advantages. Next, I will introduce a PLA straw-making machine for you.



What is the biodegradable straw machine?

"Degradable environmental protection straw", this straw is made of PLA+PBS, using renewable plant resources, such as corn starch as the main raw material, environmentally friendly and healthy, and its appearance looks similar to paper straws, with a slightly rough feel, The performance is the same as that of plastic straws, and even harder than plastic straws. Customers use the same experience as plastic straws. Next, let's introduce our company's biodegradable straw machine.



What is the working principle of the straw packaging machine?

The straw produced by the straw packaging machine uses food-grade raw wood pulp paper as the main raw material, and its production process consists of three or four-layer food-grade raw paper through gluing, tube winding, slitting, drying, and other steps. Here is the content list:1. What is a paper



Where should I learn about drinking straw machines?

The drinking straw machine​ adopts a CNC computer numerical control system, SMS synchronous mobile tracking cutting device, and imported servo drive, which can greatly reduce the resistance of the cutter to the paper tube during the cutting action, and make the gap of the paper tube uniform. The blade of the drinking straw machine adopts the imported single-circular knife cutting design, and the fully CNC-driven cutter (not cylinder-driven) realizes precise cutting. The ultra-quiet design of the transmission part of the paper tube machine improves work efficiency! Next, I will introduce the drinking straw machine from three aspects.



Why pay attention to the paper straw packing machine

Straws are a very common and inconspicuous thing in life. Drinking soy milk in the morning, drinking milk tea while shopping, and boxed beverages all use straws, which can be said to be everywhere in life. There are also many types of straws, and the materials used are also various, but some materia



How does the straw packaging machine work?

The straw packaging machine is an automatic straw packaging machine used to automatically count and pack various drinking straws such as beverages, nutritional health drinks, and medicinal oral liquids. It includes a body. A storage hopper is provided on the body to deliver materials. The material feeding mechanism into the film bag, the film feeding mechanism that transports the film to the loading position, and the sealing and cutting machine for sealing the film.


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