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Full Automatic Individual Straw Packing Machine LG-58YS

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  • LG-58YS

  • Sunrise Machinery

  • 8422400090

Out Diameter:


Due to the COVID-19, our engineers cannot go abroad for after-sales and trainning. Therefore, our customers, including ourselves, urgently need a fully automatic machine that can realize remote debugging and is simple and easy to operate. For this reason, our team concentrated all efforts to develop the LG-58YS model. Ordinary individual straw packaging machines need to change the sealing and cutting wheels when changing specifications, but all the lengths of LG-58YS do not need to change the sealing and cutting wheels, only need to be set on the PLC touch screen, easy to operate. The most important thing is that our machines can not only pack a lots of length, but also realize single-color or double-color printing to meet the needs of customers for producing multiple specifications and varieties of printing, thereby reducing raw material costs. This machine intensively applies many of our advanced technologies, and is a truly automatic and intelligent individual straw packaging machine. Even if you haven't operated a similar machine before, don't worry, as long as you set the parameters of the touch screen, you can control this machine too.


1-The machine control system adopts German PLC and servo motor , which ensures the multi-function and high automation of the machine. All settings are operated on the PLC touch screen, which is a true Full Automatic Straw Packaging Machine.

2-The length of the straw packaging can be adjusted arbitrarily without changing any sealing and cutting wheel or the cutting position of the sealing and cutting wheel.

3-The machine provides 4 packaging models: single color printing, two-colors printing, non-printing or pre-printing.

4-Automatic tension control device.

5-The paper roller base adopts a screw slide table, which is stable and easy to operate.

6-The height of the ink box is adjustable.

7-The machine frame is made of stainless steel SUS304, which is clean, beautiful and healthy

8-Our machines are designed according to CE requirements, and protective covers are installed for all dangerous places.

Technic data:




No. of printing colors

           1 Colour & None & Pre-printing paper

    2 Colours & 1 Colour None & Pre-printing paper


                             With printing speed


                              None printing speed


Packing type

                                                                     Three sides sealing

Packing material


Straw specification

                                  Out diameter




Total power



Power supply

                            380V,50HZ/60HZ,3 Ph,   415V,50hz,3 Ph,  440V,50hz,3 Ph,  220V,60hz,3 Ph

Layout dimension (LxWxH)


Package dimension (LxWxH)


Net weight





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