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Precautions for using drinking straw machine

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Precautions for using drinking straw machine

Many brilliant achievements and dazzling innovations were made in 1888. For example, Nicholas Tesla designed the first practical power generation and transmission system, which was a milestone in physics. In addition, there is another invention for people to celebrate - the humble drinking straw machine. Next, we will introduce the information about the drinking straw machine.

Here is the content list:

l How was the drinking straw machine invented?

l What is the standard of the drinking straw machine?

l What are the production safety precautions of drinking straw machines?

How was the drinking straw machine invented?

The invention of the drinking straw machine is very interesting. The inventor was Marvin Chester stone, a former manufacturer of paper cigarette holders in the United States. At that time, Americans liked to drink a kind of wine with ryegrass stalk, but because the structure of ryegrass stalk was relatively weak, it was easy to be washed into a paste by water, and it might also be mixed with the flavor of the drink. From the cigar industry, he suddenly came up with the idea of wrapping paper on a pencil and applying a thin layer of glue. Later, he made drinking straw machines out of paraffin-coated paper. In 1906, stone designed the first machine to make drinking straw machines, so that manual winding could be avoided. Since then, drinking straw machines have become popular. In the 1960s, the invention of plastics made it easier to use plastic drinking straw machines.

What is the standard of the drinking straw machine?

1. The special stainless steel cooling water tank is used in the drinking straw machine, which makes the drinking straw machine more ideal and more in line with the health standards.

2. Drinking straw machine adopts four rubber stick traction and rotary cutting, adopts step-less speed regulation, uniform speed, and high control precision.

3. Automatic high-precision temperature controller, automatic temperature control, simple operation, the plastic drinking straw machine small investment, quick effect.

4. The drinking straw machine adopts a high-precision screw, with uniform discharge, uniform flow rate, and good plasticizing effect. The screw barrel is made of high-quality steel and treated by Danhua to ensure machining accuracy and strength.

What are the production safety precautions of drinking straw machines?

1. The drinking straw machine is a high temperature and high-pressure equipment. The operator must have the basic knowledge of drinking straw machine, electricity, and air pressure, and have certain operation skills;

2. Drinking straw machine operators need to be trained;

3. Pay attention to identify danger signs;

4. If you are scalded by the drinking straw machine, do not put the wound into cold water to cool down, and do not remove the hot melt glue from the wound. Apply appropriate anti-scald drugs and send them to the hospital for treatment;

5. When connecting the bus power supply, we must distinguish the zero line (n), otherwise, the pipetting machine will be burned;

6. If the drinking straw machine is on fire, please cut off the power immediately, and do not use water to put out the fire, to prevent scalding by superheated steam;

7. Strictly install this manual for operation.

Today, Hangzhou Fuyang Sunrise Machinery has been well developed. And the intelligence of drinking straw machine is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different drinking straw machines from different suppliers. Whether it is a simple drinking straw machines or an intelligent drinking straw machine. Hangzhou Fuyang Sunrise Machinery’s drinking straw machine is an ideal choice.


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