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How to choose the right straw equipment

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How to choose the right straw equipment

In thermodynamics, it is called an isenthalpic process. The paper straw machine is a very widely used paper tube machinery and equipment. In the process of long-term use, there will inevitably be some wear and tear. So how can the equipment maintain a stable operation during the operation process, and at the same time The ability to extend the service life of the equipment has always been an issue that everyone is considering. Secondly, it is a very simple thing to extend the service life of the PLA straw-making machine. In addition to the daily correct operation of the equipment by the standards and requirements, some cleaning and maintenance of the equipment can also be used to improve the service life of the equipment. The following will introduce how to choose the right PLA straw-making machine.

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l PLA straw machine-related introduction

l How to choose the right straw equipment

PLA straw machine-related introduction

Under normal circumstances, the speed of the motor of the multiple straw packaging machines is constant, but in actual use, it needs to run at a lower or higher speed to meet the production requirements, so it is very necessary to carry out frequency conversion transformation. The frequency converter can realize the soft start of the motor, meet the requirements of energy-saving and speed regulation by changing the input voltage frequency of the equipment, and can provide protection functions such as overvoltage, overload, and overcurrent for the multiple straw packaging machines. The shrinking machine of multiple straws packaging machine heats up slowly or cannot reach the specified temperature. The heater circuit is the main power line through a magnetic switch and then to the electric heating tube, so you should first check all the contacts of the magnetic switch for abnormalities. The PLA straw-making machine brand, the various development trends in the market today, represents that the future development of the straw machine tends to be standardized, integrated, and serialized. The fierce competition in the market will undoubtedly accelerate the equipment in the entire straw machine industry.

How to choose the right straw equipment

As normal users, how do we choose the right PLA straw-making machine? How much do we need to know at the door: 1. Your straw order demand and your capacity design: daily production value, or monthly production value, or annual production value. 2. According to your straw capacity requirements, choose a straw extruder, straw forming machine, and straw packaging machine with a reasonable production ratio. 3. Research on local supporting resources: raw materials, packaging materials, delivery methods, difficulty in recruiting manpower, and salary costs. 4. Screen reasonable equipment manufacturers and communicate with multiple suppliers with questions on the spot.

Today, the PLA straw-making machine has been well developed. And the intelligence of PLA straw-making machines is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different PLA straw-making machines from different suppliers. Whether it is a PLA straw-making machine, Hangzhou Fuyang Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd. PLA straw-making machine is an ideal choice.


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