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How does the straw machine make straws?

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How does the straw machine make straws?

The straw uses the principle of atmospheric pressure. When in use, it sucks part of the air against the straw, which will cause the pressure in the tube to decrease. In order to balance the air pressure, the atmospheric pressure will force the liquid in the tube to rise. When you stop inhaling, the liquid in the tube drops and the pressure returns to equilibrium. This is the wonderful principle and application of straws. So do you know how the straw machine works?

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What is a straw machine?

How does the straw machine make straws?

What are the advantages of the straw machine?

What is a straw machine?

The straw machine includes several machines and equipment, which are not only diverse in categories but also widely used. They are commonly used in textiles, chemical fibers, printing and dyeing plants, paper, agricultural photos, flowers, and food packaging materials. The straw machines that everyone usually talks about include not only machinery related to the production of paper tube factories, but also hundreds of sets of machinery and equipment for straws, flat paper straws, tower straws, artillery straws, and paper tubes.

How does the straw machine make straws?

Gluing is the most critical part of straw production. The straw machine has a unique high-end precision gluing system, which completely breaks the traditional manual gluing method and seals and cleans the quantitative gluing to ensure the safety and cleanness of the gluing. At the same time, it also greatly reduces unnecessary waste and saves costs for the enterprise.

After the glue is applied, it enters the straw winding link, that is, the straw machine rolls the sheet into a straw shape. The inner diameter of the straw can be adjusted between 3.8mm and 11.3mm.

After the straw is formed, it will enter the cutting process. The straw machine is equipped with 9 cutters, and the length of the straw can be adjusted between 45mm and 1600mm.

Taking 6*197mm conventional straws as an example, the straw machine can produce 100m, about 500 paper straws in 1 minute, and about 30,000 paper straws per hour.

The straws produced by this technology can remain unsoftened in cold drinks for at least 3 hours and comply with FDA certification (certified by the Food and Drug Administration). In addition to the above four main steps, the straw manufacturing can choose microwave drying and single or multiple packaging according to needs to form a production line.

What are the advantages of the straw machine?

The function of the straw machine is very adaptable, so the main purpose of the straw machine is becoming more and more common, and its types are more colorful. For example, various maintenance, packaging, printing, and industrial-grade pipes used in the production of pus machine equipment, printing, and dyeing auxiliaries, and film industrial production, as well as PU leather, leather products, blankets, and other commodities in the leather product industrial production.

In order to further improve the function index value of the straw machine, a variety of descriptions can be used to complete the pressure of saving energy. For example, adding a dedicated inverter can not only maintain stable operation but also save electromagnetic energy. Or, maintenance can be improved. Multi-faceted detection, maintenance function selection, and other functions can improve the safety function, and can also achieve the purpose of saving the energy of the straw machine.

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