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Precautions for straw packaging machine

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Precautions for straw packaging machine

If you are a manufacturer specializing in straws, would you choose to hire a large number of workers to help you pack the straws and then ship them? If that's the case, then your budget will be very high, and you'll need to spend more money on something that's easy to accomplish. If you have this problem, try this straw packing machine. Then, I will introduce more about straw packing machines, if you interest in it, please read on.

Here is the content list:

· What is a straw packing machine?

· What things should be paid attention to when using a straw packing machine?

· How to deal with the problem of slow heating of the straw packaging machine?

What is a straw packing machine?

If you choose a single straw packing machine: a three-side edge pressing sealing machine, a bag containing a straw, with two-color printing, automatic adding glue, quantitative counting, automatic drying, and other functions. The packing speed can be adjusted. The weight is about 280kg. A straw packing machine is a fully automatic machine and does n

ot require more than one person to operate it. If you choose a straw multi–straw packing machine, it is a kind of automatic packaging multi-drink into the bagging equipment. The straw packing machine is composed of the transmission system, film automatic tension winding device, pipe material soaring device, automatic sealing, and cutting device, finished product conveying device, etc. The machine has a high degree of automation, the production speed can replace more than 10 people manual operation, saving material and personnel costs, multi-paper packaging, bag, filling, packaging at one time. The automatic counting machine can be convenient for secondary packaging. The number of packages can be adjusted from 2 to 100. The special number specifications can be improved accordingly.

What things should be paid attention to when using a straw packing machine?

In general, the speed of the straw packing machine is constant, but in the actual use process, in order to meet the production requirements, needs to be used at a lower and higher speed, so frequency conversion transformation is very necessary. The frequency converter can realize the soft start of the motor, by changing the input voltage frequency of the equipment to meet the requirements of energy-saving speed regulation and can be packaged for multiple straws with high temperatures. The main power line of the heater is transferred to the electric heating pipe through a magnetic switch, so all the contacts of the straw packing machine’s magnetic switch should be checked first and there is no abnormality.

How to deal with the problem of slow heating of the straw packaging machine?

Straw packing machine line does not pass one of the phases, there will be slow heating and other problems. If the magnetic suction switch is normal, you can check the meter to see whether all phases are the same as the nuclide value of the machine. If all phases are normal but the line still has problems, then it is necessary to replace the heater of multiple straw packaging machines to solve the problem. Straw multiple packaging opportunities to offset the membrane material, it may be the upper membrane material offset clamping chain, you can adjust the direction of the triangle plate so that it is clockwise.

Read this article you should know more about the straw packaging machine, and deal with some small problems of the straw packaging machine. If you are in the straw packing machines business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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