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What are the functions and characteristics of the straw machine?

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What are the functions and characteristics of the straw machine?

The straw produced by the straw machine uses food-grade virgin wood pulp paper as the main raw material, and its production process is processed by three or four layers of food-grade raw paper with glue, tube winding, slitting, and drying. It is necessary to pay attention to factors such as the speed of the straw machine and the amount of glue during the molding process and adjust the diameter of the straw through the size of the mandrel. The entire production process of the straw machine is relatively simple and easy to mass-produce.

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1. What are the functions of the straw machine?

2. What are the characteristics of the straw machine?

What are the functions of the straw machine?

1. The straw machine has the function of fully automatic cutting and dropping, and automatic shutdown without paper;

2. The highest noise of the straw machine exceeds=65 decibels;

3. When the straw machine is working, it can automatically change the speed to produce paper tubes;

4. The straw machine can be remotely controlled by a computer and can be connected to the port;

5. The straw machine can be remotely controlled on multiple operation panels, and the operation is very simple and convenient;

6. The straw machine uses a high-material round knife to cut, and the cutting is stable;

7. Professionally designed by heavyweight experts, the straw machine has more than 80 functions, and the machine operation can be set at will;

8. The straw machine has its glue application function.

What are the characteristics of the straw machine?

The control system of modern industrial equipment and instruments is based on computers and editable control and adjustment applications and is combined with sensors, which are assembled and derived. The position of the sensor is the most important head in the detection and control system. The accuracy, practicability, and response speed of the collected information play a vital role. The more you rely on sensors, the higher the degree of automation.

The straw machine is just like its name, the straw machine is a machine for producing paper tubes. The straw machine is widely used in various industries in modern society, mainly in the chemical fiber industry, film industry, printing industry, paper industry, leather industry, food packaging, construction industry, and exhibition industry. There are many kinds of straw machines, the most commonly used type in daily life is the spiral straw machine and the flat roller straw machine.

1. High efficiency: the output of one pipette machine can be used for 2-3 pipe benders.

2. Simple operation: the paper tape cut by the straw machine is smooth on both sides without burrs.

3. Strong practicability: the width of the double knife can be adjusted arbitrarily between 2-1700 mm.

4. The straw machine adopts a long-distance tension shaft design, the original paper is stronger and more uniform.

5. Low noise: "bearing steel" double shaft will never bend.

6. Smooth operation: the base paper is tightly wound and both sides are flat.

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