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What is the biodegradable straw machine?

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What is the biodegradable straw machine?

"Degradable environmental protection straw", this straw is made of PLA+PBS, using renewable plant resources, such as corn starch as the main raw material, environmentally friendly and healthy, and its appearance looks similar to paper straws, with a slightly rough feel, The performance is the same as that of plastic straws, and even harder than plastic straws. Customers use the same experience as plastic straws. Next, let's introduce our company's biodegradable straw machine.


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  • What are the benefits of a biodegradable straw machine?

  • What is the development prospect of the biodegradable straw machine?

  • What are the applications of the biodegradable straw machine?


What are the benefits of a biodegradable straw machine?

Nowadays, the amount of biodegradable straw machines used in the country is as high as 30,000 tons. Most of the degradable straws are packaged by a fully automatic bag feeding machine. The degradable straws are packaged with a fully automatic straw to the bag packaging machine with a ring feeder for feeding and unloading. , Take the bag, weigh the bag, and seal the packaging. The degradable straw bag packaging machine has high efficiency and high output in one step. The biodegradable straw machine is not only suitable for straws, but also replaces the feeder and other materials such as powders, granules, liquids, etc. It has a wide variety of materials, has a wide range of applications, sensitive control, reliable work, automatic production counts, and the packaging quantity is clear at a glance. Without manual calculation, the bag packaging machine brings a lot of convenience to many businesses and improves production efficiency.


What is the development prospect of the biodegradable straw machine?

In recent years, with the advancement of raw material production and product processing technology, the biodegradable straw machine has attracted much attention and become sustainable. The focus of the development of the circular economy. Whether it is from energy substitution, carbon dioxide reduction, environmental protection, and solving the "three rural" issues, it is of great significance. At present, the development and application of biodegradable straw machines in my country are in the field of independent intellectual property rights and innovation. The research and development capabilities of products and the amount of investment need to be improved, and the recycling and processing system of biodegradable materials needs to be improved.

To better realize the industrialization of the biodegradable straw machine, efforts should be made in the following aspects in the future.

1 Establish a fast and simple method for evaluating biodegradability, reflecting the actual situation of biodegradability of degradable materials in nature.

2 Further study the decomposition rate, decomposition thoroughness, degradation process, and mechanism of biodegradable materials, and develop technologies that can control the degradation rate.

3 Through structure and composition optimization, processing technology and morphological structure control, etc., develop new methods for regulating and controlling material properties.


What are the applications of the biodegradable straw machine?

The biodegradable straw machine is easy to use and hygienic. It can pierce the milk tea cup film, soy milk film, and fresh milk bag. Used in hotels, guesthouses, bars, cold drinks shops, fast food restaurants, ice bars, milk tea shops, coffee houses, dessert houses, and various fast-consuming places. It can also be used for family children’s breakfast, banquet dinners, and family hospitality drinks. High, convenient, and hygienic. The characteristics of paper-packed straws Because paper-packed straws conform to the core concept of environmental protection, they are beneficial to the maintenance of the natural environment, and the packaging design is exquisite, and the price is low, so it is loved by everyone.


Sunrise machinery has developed a variety of biodegradable straw machines and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. If you are in the biodegradable straw machine business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.


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