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Why do we choose the PLA straw-making machine?

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Why do we choose the PLA straw-making machine?

At present, the raw materials for the production of plastic straws are polymer materials. Traditional plastic straws are generally non-degradable. Because they are disposable and easily released into the environment, they can easily enter rivers, lakes, and oceans, causing "white pollution". It is for these reasons that most countries prohibit the use of non-degradable straws in the catering industry. PLA straw-making machines have gradually become a substitute for traditional plastic straws because of their renewable raw materials, fully degradable, and bio-safety advantages. Next, I will introduce a PLA straw-making machine for you.


Here is the content list:

  • How are PLA straw-making machines made?

  • How does the PLA straw-making machine dissolve?

  • How to distinguish PLA straw-making machines from common disposable straws?

  • What are the benefits of a PLA straw-making machine?


How are PLA straw-making machines made?

PLA straw-making machine is a new type of degradable raw material made from tapioca starch raw material, which is proposed from renewable green plant resources such as rice. The raw material of Cassava starch is saccharified to obtain fructose, then made from fructose and specific bacteria to produce high-purity lactic acid bacteria, and then according to organic synthesis, polylactic acid of specific relative molecular weight is produced. I will. After that, it is manufactured and processed, so it has excellent biodegradability of PLA straw-making machine microorganisms.


How does the PLA straw-making machine dissolve?

PLA straw-making machines are made of food-grade stainless steel paper and biodegrade in the soil layer after several months of application. When this PLA straw-making machine is applied, it is completely dissolved by natural microorganisms and becomes carbon dioxide and water for the rest of your life. It enters directly into the fertility of the soil or is digested and absorbed by green plants, and is less likely to be released into the atmosphere, causing global warming and environmental pollution. The guarantee of truth comes from nature and belongs to nature.


How to distinguish PLA straw-making machines from common disposable straws?

Currently, the annual demand for plastic products exceeds 25 million tons, of which disposable plastic products account for about 30%. The total amount of shopping malls is about 7.5 million tons, and most of the most polluted waste is difficult to collect, cannot be recycled, or is economically uneconomical after collection. I will. Biodegradable. Calculated at 60%, 4.5 million tonnes for demand PLA straw making machine. Currently, the biodegradable plastics in the domestic market are filled with starch-based plastics, and the annual production is only tens of thousands of tons. From the above situation, we can see that the market for PLA straw-making machines is huge and the economy is promising. As a new type of green material, PLA straw-making machine not only solves white pollution but also reduces dependence on oil, paving the way for value-added cornstarch, rural industrial structural adjustment, and agricultural economy. Offering new development opportunities.


What are the benefits of a PLA straw-making machine?

1. PLA straw-making machine material also considers the high wear resistance, impact resistance, and heat resistance of beverage straws.

2. The relatively traditional PP, PE, and other common straws, PLA straw-making machines, are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and biodegradable.

3. Difficulty in the manufacturing process of PLA straw making machine: PLA tubing is formed in crystalline form and relatively long molding time regulation; PLA raw material is highly absorbent and raw material needs to be processed early. Stages and middle and late stages should be performed immediately The packaging is dry.


It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce a PLA straw-making machine that meets the standards, to ensure the safety of electricity supply and the healthy development of the cable market. Hangzhou Fuyang Sunrise Machinery conducts many tests on flexible PLA straw-making machines before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the PLA straw-making machine business, you can consider our cost-effective products.


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