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How does the straw packaging machine work?

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How does the straw packaging machine work?

The straw packaging machine is an automatic straw packaging machine used to automatically count and pack various drinking straws such as beverages, nutritional health drinks, and medicinal oral liquids. It includes a body. A storage hopper is provided on the body to deliver materials. The material feeding mechanism into the film bag, the film feeding mechanism that transports the film to the loading position, and the sealing and cutting machine for sealing the film.


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  • What is the structural principle of the straw automatic packaging machine?

  • What are the advantages of the straw packaging machine?

  • Where is the applicable scope of the straw packaging machine?


What is the structural principle of the straw automatic packaging machine?

When the straw packaging machine packs straws, the straws to be counted are placed in the storage hopper, and they are automatically reshaped and queued by the sorting mechanism (upper copy board and lower copy board) and sent to the packaging station for loading. The film is supplied by the film. The mechanism is sent to the packaging station, and the straws that have been reshaped and lined up are filled into the formed film, and then sealed and cut by the sealing and cutting mechanism to realize automatic packaging of the straws. The straw packaging machine has high packaging efficiency, the human body does not touch the straw, and there is no secondary pollution. It can effectively prevent cross-infection and fully meet the needs of aseptic production.

What are the advantages of the straw packaging machine?

The straw packaging machine can replace manual packaging and realize packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. The operator only needs to put the finished bags one by one and put hundreds of bags in the bag taking part of the equipment at a time. The mechanical grasping of the equipment will automatically take the bags, print the date, open the bags, and give the measuring device a signal to measure and drop. Material, sealing, output. Customers can also add detailed functions such as emergency stop, automatic card insertion, and abnormal discharge according to product packaging requirements. The entire packaging process does not require manual operations, which effectively improves your company's production efficiency, saves labor and management costs, and greatly reduced costs.


Where is the applicable scope of the straw packaging machine?

The application range of the straw packaging machine is extremely wide. It can be used for paper-plastic composite, plastic-plastic composite, aluminum-plastic composite, PE composite, etc., with low packaging material loss. It uses prefabricated packaging bags with perfect packaging patterns and good sealing quality. Thereby improving the product grade; it can also be used for multiple purposes. Only need to match different metering devices according to different materials, can realize the automatic packaging of products such as granules, powders, blocks, liquids, soft cans, toys, hardware, and so on.

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