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Biodegradable straw machine production line

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Biodegradable straw machine production line

The biodegradable straw machine extrusion line aims at the high-speed extrusion molding of the biodegradable straw machine, combined with the processing performance characteristics of the biodegradable material itself, environmental protection requirements, and the customer’s point of view, the overall structure of the production line is improved, and the biodegradability is improved. The pipe production speed realizes the high-speed and high-quality, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly extrusion production of biodegradable pipes. The following will introduce what biodegradable materials are and the advantages of biodegradable straw machines.

Here is the content list:

  • What are biodegradable materials? 

  • Advantages of biodegradable straws

What are biodegradable materials?

Biodegradable materials are polymer materials that can be chemically, biologically, or physically degraded, or enzymatically degraded under the action of microorganisms existing in nature such as bacteria, fungi, and algae.

The most ideal biodegradable straw machines are obtained from renewable resources. After degradation, it can be reused by organisms.

Specific types of biodegradable materials:

1. Polylactic acid (PLA): a biodegradable straw machine has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-irritating, good biocompatibility, high strength, good processability, and biodegradability. The sheets, fibers, and films made are thermoformed and spun After secondary processing, silk is widely used in packaging, textile, and medical fields, and its waste can be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide by microorganisms.

2. Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA): PHA is an intracellular polyester synthesized by many microorganisms. Its thermal processing performance can be used as biomedical materials and biodegradable packaging materials.

3. Polybutylene succinate (PBS): PBS has excellent comprehensive performance, reasonable cost performance, and is extremely versatile. 

4. Polycaprolactone (PCL): In addition to the easy processing characteristics of thermoplastics, PCL also has the characteristics of biodegradability, biocompatibility, shape temperature control, and memory, and is mainly used as a controlled release drug carrier. 

Advantages of biodegradable straws

1: Strong applicability: For the crystallization and molding of biodegradable straw machines, the biodegradable straw machine design and new cooling and shaping technology adopted by our company can meet the production needs of various specifications of PLA straws, ensuring that the product has a good plasticization effect, and the products are free of crystal particles and bubbles. There are no pull marks on the inner and outer pipe walls.

2: Simple operation: The equipment adopts integrated PLC* system control, which is convenient to control and stable in operation. The digital display operation is simple and clear.

3: High precision: adopts high-stability vacuum shaping process, digital pressure display is more convenient for the adjustment and control of precision

4: Precise online cutting: The traction cutting adopts full computer control, a servo cutting system, and the online high-speed cutting accuracy can reach ±0.05mm. The cutting diameter can meet the diameter of 4-20mm. Products with a thickness of 3mm or more.

Today, the biodegradable straw machine has been well developed. And the intelligence of biodegradable straw machines is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different biodegradable straw machines from different suppliers. Whether it is a biodegradable straw machine, Hangzhou Fuyang Sunrise Machinery Co., Ltd.’s biodegradable straw machine is an ideal choice.


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